Researching Behavior Change for Good

Researching Behavior Change for Good


Behavior Change for Good, a research project at the University of Pennsylvania


Behavior change is difficult. It's hard for people to save money, get to the gym to exercise, study for school—even when they know it's in their best interest.

If psychologists know strategies to generate motivation and self-control, these tactics could be shared to help improve people's lives. A research team wanted to know: how might we test methods for behavior change over a month-long period, and measure the outcomes of what works best? 

My Role

Director of Design

  • Understand Research Intentions

  • Ideation of Solutions

  • Prototyping

  • Art Direction

  • User testing


In this project, I worked closely with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. First, I learned the key metrics of the research, and then created a visual journey for users to sign up for an engaging research study. 

The first 2 projects for Behavior Change for good were aimed in health behaviors and gym attendance, with 24Hour Fitness, and in education, specifically, studying for the SAT—in partnership with Khan Academy and the College Board. The next initiative will be tackling financial savings.

This process involved many iterations of sketches, user testing, and collaboration. The study needed to be administered through Qualtrics, a survey platform, which meant that we didn't have free reign on design capabilities. Nonetheless, we worked to make an image-driven and fun experience for the users. For this project I managed a consultant designer who created the visuals I sketched for her. Once prototypes were ready, we tested them with gym users through the Wharton Behavioral Labs.

Sketches for the overview page of user signup

Sketches for the overview page of user signup

The final sketch image placed on the signup screen

The final sketch image placed on the signup screen

We designed the logo system to apply toward myriad studies in finance, health, and education:



The first project with 24Hour Fitness is now underway.

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